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  • CEPCO Medical Services
  • CEPCO Medical Services
  • CEPCO Medical Services
  • CEPCO Medical Services
  • CEPCO Medical Services
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Established since 1988, Unisurge is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of practitioner-specified procedure packs, dressing packs, medical disposables and theatre products to health care professionals.

Our range of bespoke single use products is both cost effective and patient specific. From our Cambridge headquarters, the development team keeps abreast of the latest advances in surgical practice and takes full account of the consistent rise in patient expectations. The Formula range of practitioner-specified theatre packs are assembled within a certified clean room environment.

They are designed to match exacting procedural needs across eight core specialties. Surgical teams can be confident that all the necessary components for a procedure will be supplied, to their precise specification, in a pre-sterile pack, ready for immediate use. Linked to a significant investment in state of the art Information Technology, we provide a proven and trusted distribution network. Using our own fleet of vehicles Unisurge is able to ensure that pre-sterile packs arrive at their destination on time and in optimum condition.


1. Dressing Pack
2. Oral Hygiene Packs
3. Swab Gauze
4. Surgical Instruments
5. Drapes

Website : www.unisurge.co.uk
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