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Friday, 14 June 2013 22:33 Written by

Established since 1988, Unisurge is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of practitioner-specified procedure packs, dressing packs, medical disposables and theatre products to health care professionals.

Our range of bespoke single use products is both cost effective and patient specific. From our Cambridge headquarters, the development team keeps abreast of the latest advances in surgical practice and takes full account of the consistent rise in patient expectations. The Formula range of practitioner-specified theatre packs are assembled within a certified clean room environment.

They are designed to match exacting procedural needs across eight core specialties. Surgical teams can be confident that all the necessary components for a procedure will be supplied, to their precise specification, in a pre-sterile pack, ready for immediate use. Linked to a significant investment in state of the art Information Technology, we provide a proven and trusted distribution network. Using our own fleet of vehicles Unisurge is able to ensure that pre-sterile packs arrive at their destination on time and in optimum condition.


1. Dressing Pack
2. Oral Hygiene Packs
3. Swab Gauze
4. Surgical Instruments
5. Drapes

Website : www.unisurge.co.uk
Friday, 14 June 2013 22:09 Written by

We are committed to providing excellence for health care providers in service to their patients. For nearly 60 years, our customers have relied upon the excellent construction, durability and reliability of UMF Medical products.

. The skilled craftsmen and women of UMF Medical proudly make the world's finest exam tables and equipment in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Because we understand the needs of healthcare professionals, each product is built to promote excellence, efficiency and service in the delivery of healthcare services. We stand behind our products with an excellent warranty and customer service program.


1. Medical Tables and Chairs
2. IV Poles
3. Mayo Tables
4. Narcotic Lockers
5. Cabinets and Desks

Website : www.umfmedical.com

Saturday, 15 June 2013 02:52 Written by

Tenso Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. was founded in the year of 1989. As a professional manufacturer of medical instruments in China, TENSO has been dedicated to manufacturing and developing high quality diagnostic products, especially stethoscope and sphygmomanometer.

For over 20 years, with the brand of TENSO as its flag. Our medical products have been mainly exported to Europe and North America, which was approved by CE, FDA and ISO13485:2003. TENSO has won great reputation in our clients for higher quality and excellence service.


1. Diagnostic
2. Hypodermic
3. Disposable
4. Dressing
5. Rehabilitation Equipment
6. Instruments
7. Medical Equipment

Website : www.tensomed.com

Saturday, 15 June 2013 02:43 Written by

Tecfen Corporation has been exporting Ophthalmic, Ear – Nose – Throat, General Surgical, and Consumer products for the past 31 years to distributors, clinics, hospitals, and doctors in over 120 countries.

Tecfen was co-founded in 1982 by Gene Ekonomi. Mr. Ekonomi is a graduate of MIT whose entrepreneurial spirit led him from a successful career as an engineer to Santa Barbara, CA where Tecfen is headquartered.

Recognized globally as a source for the highest quality and technologically advanced medical products, Tecfen is been committed to exceeding our customers' requirements and needs.


1. Opthalmic
2. ENT
3. General Surgical And Safety Products
4. Sunglasses and Readers

Website : www.tecfenmedical.com

Friday, 14 June 2013 08:20 Written by

S&G is a korean based GI Stent manufacturing Company established in 2000 as a R&D in Asan Medical Center and soon started manufacturing state of the art GI Metallic Stents. S&G is known for their superior conformability and flexibility, refined polishing process for micro removal on the stents, reduced shortening and non biodegradable membrane used in their metallic stents.



1. Esophageal Stent
2. Biliary Stent
3. Pyloric Stent
4. Colorectal Stent

Website : www.sngbio.com

Friday, 14 June 2013 17:10 Written by

For over thirty years, Rocialle has supplied healthcare providers with sterile and non-sterile consumable items, vital to patient care. During that time Rocialle has become widely regarded by both clinical and commercial specialists as a reliable partner, sharing the objectives of improved patient experience, cost reduction and the focus of resources on patient care.

With wide ranges of single use surgical instruments and medical packs, packed and sterilised at its facilities in the UK, Rocialle is helping to control infection and drive down the cost of high quality medical products.


1. Custom Procedure Packs
2. Medical Procedure Packs
3. Single Use Instruments

Website : www.rocialle.com

Friday, 14 June 2013 14:04 Written by

Clement Clarke International has been a major force in the manufacturing of innovative medical instrumentation worldwide since 1917. Clement Clarke's mission is to strengthen their respiratory presence in the form of product development and research, to assist in screening, monitoring and treating a wide range of respiratory conditions.


1. Peak Expiratory Flow
2. Spirometry and Infection Control
3. Nebulisation And Spacer.
4. Inspiratory Flow

Website : www.clement-clark.com

Friday, 14 June 2013 13:55 Written by

Ribbel International is one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of sterile and non-sterile surgical products like surgical blades and disposable scalpels in the surgical instruments industry. We have recently launched Surgical Scalpel which has been well received by the medical fraternity.



Website : www.ribbel.com

Monday, 06 May 2013 12:27 Written by

MedGyn manufactures and distributes superior quality medical supplies, instruments, and equipment to satisfy the needs of the leading Obstetrics and Gynecological medical professionals. Since 1975, MedGyn Products has provided innovative and high-quality products to OB/GYN professionals. MedGyn categorizes it's products into six different "therapies".


1. Disposables
2. Instruments
3. Equipment
4. Pessaries

Website : www.medgyn.com

Sunday, 05 May 2013 21:27 Written by

S Murray & Co is a leading British manufacturer of laboratory glassware, surgical instruments and plastic containers. Family owned for four generations and represented worldwide, S Murray & Co has an international reputation for quality, service and value.


1. Laboratory Instruments
2. Surgical Instruments
3. Packaging Containers

Website : www.smurray.co.uk

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