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Bristol Maid

Birstol maid based in Blandford Forum, Southern England is a forward thinking company focussing on design, manufacture, distribution and support of medical furniture and equipment. We offer our customers innovative and high quality products. Our extensive experience and knowledge provides the competitive edge that our customers require.

With a broad portfolio including over 1,500 product lines, 100 ranges of product, we are able to provide a range of solutions for almost every Healthcare Sector, ranging from drug and medicine storage, instrument trolleys and infusion stands to procedure trolleys, laundry trolleys and bins, to name but a few.


1. Bedside Furniture and Equipment
2. Chart Trolleys and Equipment
3. Drug and Medicine Storage
4. Procedure Trolleys and Carts
5. Waste Management
6.Drugs and Medicine Dispensing

Website : www.bristolmaid.com

Medical Master

Medical Master established in 2003 and deals in Hospital Equipments.
We are one of the leading exporters of medical equipment in Taiwan and are enjoying an excellent reputation through years of business experience. We are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our services and excellent qualities of our goods.


1. Hospital Beds
2. Emergency Room Appliances
3. Ward Appliances
4. Operation Room Appliances
5. Medical Furniture

Website : http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/


Hammerlit was founded in March 1954 by Mr. Curt Th. Meseke and Mr. Wilhelm Connemann. In the beginning Hammerlit concentrated on development and marketing of disinfectant laundry detergents.

Curt Meseke realized soon that the aspects of hygiene in hospitals should be taken beyond the laundry process, to say on the floors and wards, to establish hygienic work flows.His thoughts led to the invention of the Laundry Bag "Wickelsack" © which was patented in 1961.

The invention of Laundry Bag Wickelsack © changed the procedures in hospitals / laundries basically and the "Wickelsack ©" became the base for further development of Hammerlit products, starting with linen hampers / laundry collectors.


1. Linen Logistic
2. Patient Care
3. Waste Sorting
4. Sorting Recycables
5. Laundry Equipment
6. Case Carts
7. Sterile Goods
8. Shelving Systems
9. 40/60 Module System
10. Cabinet System haliONE
11. Cleanroom and Lab Equipment halitec®

Website : www.hammerlit.pl

Warick Sasco

Warwick SASCo Ltd an established family business, supplying quality plastic medical devices for professionals throughout the world. You'll benefit from the knowledge of a friendly, experienced and innovative team, committed to providing you with the products you need, when you need them.


1. Warwick
  1. Gallipots
  2. Kidney Dishes
  3. Instrument Trays
2. Sterilite Range
  1. Gallipots
  2. Jugs and Quizzers
  3. Sponge Bowls
3. Spa Range
  1. Bed Pans
  2. Drinking Cups and Lids
  3. Urinals and Accessories
Website : www.sasco.co.uk

International Biomed

For over 35 years, International Biomedical has been providing solutions to the global health-care marketplace to meet the evolving needs of caregivers and their patients. Our commitment to quality, dependability, and service is our main focus.

Our passion is to provide innovative products and technologies that will result in the best outcomes for the newborn infant, the critically ill, and their families.


1. Transport Incubator
2. Nitric Oxide Delivery System
3. Blood Chemistry Monitor
4. Radiation Surgical Gloves

Website : www.int-bio.com


LYMED Ltd. is a manufacturer of high quality pressure garments 20 years of experience. Pressure Garments are custom-made, carefully selected materials to achieve the best clinical outcome in addition we are able to produce fabrics that are a joy to use and look good too.

LYMED pressure garments used in various pressure management in demanding situations, such as scar management, edema management, plastic surgery post-surgery treatment as well as for example, cerebral palsy and autism tukivaatteina.


1. Pressure Garments.
2. Interim Care Garments
3. Post Plastic Surgery Garments.
4. 3D Garments.
5. Medical Garments.

Website : www.lymed.fi


Amray medical has manufactured X-Ray Protection products and other X-Ray accessories since 1985. Now one of the leading manufactures in Europe.


1. Radiation Protection Aprons / Shields
2. Radiation Protection Glasses
3. Personal Protection

Website : www.amray.eu


The Keeler factory is situated close to the centre of the historic town of Windsor.The Company has manufactured Opthalmic Instruments since 1917.They continue to lead the market with their innovative instruments.


1. Direct Opthalmoscopes & Indirect Opthalmoscopes
2. Retinoscopes
3. Loupes
4. Glaucoma Tonometer
5. Cryo Surgery
6. Volk Lenses

Website : www.keeler.co.uk


For over twenty six years the name Trudell Medical has been synonymous with development of innovative Aerosol Drug Delivery Devices and Systems for the management of COPD and Asthma Patient.


1. AeroChamber ( Aerosol Delivery Devices )
2. Specialty Respiratory Chambers
3. Nebulizers (AeroEclipse)

Website : www.trudellmed.com


Cepco Medical Services Co Ltd. Started as a small branch of a big company working in General Trading with a limited but professional staff, dealing directly with international manufacturers and main hospitals both in government and private sector in K.S.A.

With time our team increased and we introduced product promotion and equipment maintenance as we became the Sole Agents for many reputed international brands and manufacturers.

Over a period of 24 years Cepco Medical Services Co. Ltd expanded nation wide with branches opened in western region like Jeddah and Eastern region like Dammam.

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