What we do?

CEPCO Medical Services Co. is Saudi Arabia’s gateway to the  world of vital supplies, equipment and machinery in the healthcare  space. We provide cutting edge medical technology across the  entire spectrum of therapeutic environments, from public hospitals  and care units to private practices serving all 13 regions of the Kingdom.

As a subsidiary of Awab Holdings, Saudi Arabia’s next- generation investment vehicle, we leverage our parent company’s  expertise and extensive reach to grow our network and improve  our processes. Awab maintains a diverse portfolio of both passive  and active investments, operating additional subsidiaries in the IT,  automotive and real estate industries.

Shifting demographic forces coupled with the rapid pace of  innovation are causing an unparalleled demand for quality  healthcare products in the KSA. CEPCO’s position at the forefront  of the medical supply industry is an unprecedented opportunity to  serve Saudis in their time of need. Our work exists at the critical  interface between international innovation and hands-on medical  care. CEPCO is Saudi Arabia’s sole agent and distributor for many  of the world’s preeminent medical manufacturers. From our base in  Riyadh, we’ve liaised with brands in the USA, Canada, Europe and  Asia bringing the highest standard in global healthcare to Saudi  Arabia for over two decades.

Our history

CEPCO was formalised in the early nineties, but it wasn’t until after the acquisition by  Awab Holdings in 1999 that CEPCO became Saudi Arabia’s preeminent medical supply  company. We began our journey with only three staff members; today, CEPCO employs  33 experts, divided into product, promotion and equipment maintenance teams.

What began as a small-scale supply firm is now an internationally recognised business  which effectively measures and meets the fluctuating demand for products and services  across the public and private health sectors. The growing need for quality has enabled  CEPCO’s organic expansion, which has seen the firm’s reach extend to every corner of  the Kingdom.

In the interest of our communities, clients are trained to operate the medical equipment  provided to them by a dedicated team. Our product’s impact on the health and wellbeing  of Saudi Arabia’s citizens cannot be understated. We place an emphasis on in-depth  technical knowledge to inculcate a complete understanding when it comes to best  practice, a requisite to providing quality healthcare.

Initially, CEPCO’s work was limited to Ministry of Health, Military and National Guard  hospitals, as well as university-based medical units. After being acquired by Awab  Holdings, however, a sharp increase in demand became apparent in the private sector.  Scaling to meet this need, CEPCO widened the scope of its operations, extending  resources to small and private medical practices. Adhering to a tender-based model,  clients made direct purchases for private use through the company, while the majority of  the work remained with the public sector.

Currently, additional national branches in Jeddah and Dammam provide regional services  to both public and private practitioners in their area, while our headquarters in Riyadh  works with international suppliers and national agencies.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure products are sourced, manufactured and delivered by consummate professionals, and we guarantee the prompt supply of products and equipment to meet the growing needs of our clients. CEPCO maintains a pulse on the latest innovations in medical technology, including the NICU and biomedical research fields, to provide Saudi Arabians with the highest standard in healthcare equipment. Our ability to adapt quickly gives clients access to cutting-edge, life-saving equipment as soon as it’s on the market.


Our Vision

Our vision is to enrich the overall quality of life of Saudi Arabia’s people by giving them access to  the best healthcare products in the world. Every Saudi Arabian will require institutionalised medical  attention in their lifetime; CEPCO aims to improve their hardship and improve outcomes with the  supply of superior medical equipment.

Our Team

At Cepco we believe that our human assets are our greatest assets! Our professional team represent 8 different nationalities in the region. As a subsidiary of a family business we truly believe we are one closely knit family. We empower, train, and invest in our human assets helping them achieve both their business and life goals. Join us now if you are looking for a new challenge in a thriving culture.


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