As a medical supplies trading company, our goal is helping international companies secure a foothold in Saudi Arabia’s US$ 50 billion annual healthcare market, we support existing companies grow their market share and new companies penetrate the most important market in the middle east. We are constantly growing our capacity for new representations helping you navigate the regulatory requirements and support your sales. We adopt a unique business model of separate business units that share a common platform of support services, this helps us achieve goals more efficiently. Contact us and a representative will schedule a meeting to discuss your needs, goals, and expectations.


At Cepco we believe that our human assets are our greatest assets! We don’t only sell medical equipment; we also work with our end users to ensure proper knowledge and training of our products. We work with healthcare professionals like you to ensure timely delivery, excellent maintenance, and continued support. We achieve our goals when you achieve yours! Contact a customer success representatives here to learn more and schedule your demo.

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