• AeonMed

      Aeonmed is a leading domestic R&D and manufacturing enterprise for anesthesia and respiratory medical equipment. The products cover two business segments. The first is anesthesia and solutions for operating room. The second is the mechanical ventilation and respiratory disease management.   http://www.aeonmed.com/en/index.html

    • AKTC

      Founded in Taiwan in 1989, AKTC is a professional pressure ulcer prevent alternating air mattress system developer and manufacturer. Since our inception in 1989, we have sold millions of air pumps for air mattress and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) applications.   http://www.aktc.com.tw/

    • Alexa Traders

      Our company, Alexa Traders manufacturing, Trading and Exporting Pharmaceutical, Surgical and scientifically equipment’s is the most reliable of very high-quality products, we have enjoyed a good reputation for the high quality, reasonable prices.   http://www.alexatraders.com/

    • AmRay

      AmRay has established itself as a forward-thinking and proactive partner to those whose day-to-day lives involve the harnessing of radiation, whether as caring professionals or as patients.   https://amraygroup.com/

    • Apollo RT

      APOLLO RT is 100% privately owned Japanese company founded in 2012 in Hong Kong. Apollo is dedicated to developing hiqh quality, innovative medical products at affordable prices. Apollo consists of a group of young, dynamic and professional international managers. Our Company focuses on manufacturing high-quality contrast media injectors, syringes & disposables, widely used in the medical imaging market.   https://www.apollo-rt.com/

    • Aquaflush

      The Aquaflush rectal irrigation range has been designed for simplicity and ease of use. Your Bowel Specialist Healthcare Professional will help choose the right Aquaflush product for you. For many, a Renew Insert can be used in-between irrigations for additional peace of mind.   https://renew-medical.uk/products/aquaflush-irrigation/

    • Breg

      Breg provides remarkably easy products, services, technology and consulting to improve the quality and lower the cost of the orthopedic episode, The second largest U.S. provider of orthopedic bracing providing sports medicine and rehabilitation products to one million patients annually.   https://www.breg.com/

    • Bristol Maid

      Bristol Maid has established itself as market leader when it comes to understanding and developing innovative solutions that will assist the delivery of intravenous therapy. Holding an impressive portfolio with models suitable for use with conventional gravity using an infusion stand as well as those for use with syringe & pump drivers mounted onto specialist pump stands.   https://www.bristolmaid.com/default.asp

    • Clement Clarke

      Clement Clarke International has been a major force in the manufacturing of innovative medical instrumentation worldwide and striving to improve inhaler technique since 1917. Clement Clarke International has been involved in peak flow measurement ever since its beginning in 1956.   https://www.haag-streit.com/clement-clarke/

    • Gentec

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    • Hammerlit

      Keeping in touch with users allows us to precisely tailor our products to different workflows, especially those used at hospitals and retirement homes. This ensures the consistent convenience and hygienic, technical and ergonomic quality our products.   https://www.hammerlit.de/

    • Hedymed

      A high-tech enterprise, specialized in innovation-oriented medical device provides customers with full range of services. Its main medical devices include radiography, ultrasound, monitor, endoscopy, orthopedics and blood purification and information-based products include digital medical treatment, telemedicine and m-health.   https://www.hedymed.com/en/

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