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Hammerlit was founded in March 1954 by Mr. Curt Th. Meseke and Mr. Wilhelm Connemann. In the beginning Hammerlit concentrated on development and marketing of disinfectant laundry detergents.

Curt Meseke realized soon that the aspects of hygiene in hospitals should be taken beyond the laundry process, to say on the floors and wards, to establish hygienic work flows.His thoughts led to the invention of the Laundry Bag "Wickelsack" © which was patented in 1961.

The invention of Laundry Bag Wickelsack © changed the procedures in hospitals / laundries basically and the "Wickelsack ©" became the base for further development of Hammerlit products, starting with linen hampers / laundry collectors.


1. Linen Logistic
2. Patient Care
3. Waste Sorting
4. Sorting Recycables
5. Laundry Equipment
6. Case Carts
7. Sterile Goods
8. Shelving Systems
9. 40/60 Module System
10. Cabinet System haliONE
11. Cleanroom and Lab Equipment halitec®

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